We are a shop that takes pride in every piece that we do because we are avid car enthusiasts and know what people expect in quality. It does not have to be a car part to get the same attention and detail. When you bring a piece in, whether it is a household item, a precious antique, hotrod part, or any other metal object, we will listen to your requests and provide you with our expert suggestions.

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A price is determined by the size, condition of the piece, and the color you choose. Just call or email us and we will give you a quote.


"Jerry was happy to show me the work he'd done, and for good reason. It is remarkable. The finish is even and smooth, like a glass surface. The color is dead uniform all over.I recommend him to anyone considering custom powdercoating. He was a pleasure to work with, and made the entire process painless and rewarding."

- -www.redsrecycling.blogspot.com

"Powder coating, ceramic coating, Cerakote, hit up Jerry Campora at American Powdercoatings! Zombie Killer Green Cerakote on my AR Lower with bump fire stock! Ceramic coated headers, as well! Contact me for a number or look up American Powdercoating in Pittsborro! Thanks Jerry Campora!" - John Kiner

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